Guilherme Azevedo

Group Strategy & Development

I take on the role of developing our business further and I am proud to be able to strategize, plan and improve on our growth. There are many exciting opportunities in our market, and within the Woodman team, I found just the right experience, skills and cultural values needed to be a global player. In our 3D Model, the telescope stands out for me – it is a metaphor for what the future holds and where I want to go.

Guilherme has 20 years of experience in investments, corporate finance, management and business strategy. He worked specifically on corporate restructuring, M&A, structured debt issuance, shadow management, and in corporate development. During these years he held various positions on the buy and sell sides at firms such as Pulsar, Credit Suisse, Vale and Accenture. Because of his unique experience, he has a great overall understanding of businesses and value drivers and can navigate from 30,000 feet to minute details in financial models and legal contracts

Guilherme has an MBA from The University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree from Harvard University.