Tanja Kotz

Chief of Staff / Head of Human Assets Management

Coming from an architecture background, I know that you can only build if you have a solid foundation. We focus on our people – they are the basis of success and one of the core elements of shaping a functioning culture. They are the ones who make Woodman different and unique. It inspires and motivates me to achieve extraordinary results as team – together with our smart and passionate people at Woodman.

Tanja has more than 28 years of professional experience, including over 20 years of extensive background in Human Resources Management in the chemical and finance industries. Tanja has previously held leadership roles such as Head of Human Resources Management, Strategic Business Partner for Senior Management, Change Agent, Compensation & Reporting Specialist as well as Executive Search Consultant in corporations such as HSBC Private Bank and Trust Company, Guyerzeller Bank, UBS Investment Bank, Tschannen & Partners and Givaudan. With her background in architecture, Tanja can still use her process and project management skills in her daily work.

Tanja holds a Master of Advanced Studies ZFH in Human Resources Management and has a federal degree as building construction Draughtswoman.